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Are 55-gallon drums a risk factor in the water industry?

Chemical drums represent a significant risk factor in industrial water treatment. A 55-gallon drum weighs approximately 400-600 pounds; transporting, decanting, or handling that drum represents a dangerous task for any worker; not to mention, it is physically demanding in every aspect.

55-gallon drums are used to store material and to dispense material for use. When these drums are require to be moved; depending on what application or uses of these drums are, every time a drum is moved it would carry with it its own risk factor. There are at least 5 serious injuries which can happen while handling a 55-gallon drum; fractures, lacerations, hernias, back strains, as well as dangerous chemical spills.

These injuries would require a long time to heal and could potentially cause death. For many years, industries have relied on workers and 55-gallon drums, to operate successfully. However, things can be much simpler and smarter.

Industrial water treatment has seen big transformations over the years; new technologies are replacing chemical drums, not only for safety concerns, but to free up valuable floor space, essential in every facility. Business owners should be stress-free when it comes to the general wellbeing of their workers. If things could be easier why not try them?

We understood this concept and designed LIQUID Ultra-Concentrates, a Smarter and Safer way to treat Boilers, Cooling Towers, Steamline and Closed Loop systems.

Our concept? Ultra-Concentrated, ALL LIQUID products designed to be fed NEAT with our Wall mounted dispensers. Simply Smarter formulations; offering a NO TOUCH concept, freeing up valuable floor space at the customers facility, and reducing the costs associated shipping and/or handling of chemical drums. With LIQUID Ultra-Concentrates no waterlines or backflow/overflow equipment are required unlike solid chemistries. There will not be any need to set water pressure or encounter the variables of dissolution; LIQUID Ultra-Concentrates are fed NEAT right into the system!

Ultra-Concentrates ship via UPS, allowing you to forget about forklifts, dangerous spills, or injuries. Our cases weight less than 40 pounds vs. that 400-600 pound drum!

Our Simplicity, Bio Simplicity and Solo Pro feed dispensers allow for No-Touch applications for LIQUID Ultra-Concentrates. Products can be easily customized and private labeling is available with the exception of biocides.

Eliminate the worry of chemical drums, their potential risks and the amount of space they take! Make the switch to LIQUID Ultra-Concentrates technologies! As you may know, this is not a new concept! Many products in the market are ultra-concentrated, for example laundry detergents and cleaning products. LiquiLogic took this concept and transformed the industrial water treatment industry with beneficial solutions for you and your customers.


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