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Chemical Water Treatment Needs for Government Facilities

Chemical Water Treatment for Government Facilities

This post will review the basics of chemical water treatment needs and safety considerations for government facilities.


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Use of Boilers, Cooling Towers, & Chillers in Government Facilities

Government buildings use boilers, cooling towers and chillers to manage building temperature for comfort heating and cooling. As high-impact components to the overall comfort cooling system, cooling towers and chillers need to be well-maintained in order to operate efficiently with minimal water and energy waste. Boilers used for building heat also need to be carefully and proactively maintained. Cooling towers, chillers, and boilers all are supported with chemical water treatment as a core part of regular asset care and performance optimization. 


Many government facilities are maintained by outside building maintenance contractors. Typically, only those approved to bid on government contracts (a.k.a. GSA contract holders) can place a bid on facilities maintenance contracts for government agencies. These contractors often use subcontract agreements to execute certain work scopes, such as servicing water treatment equipment or providing maintenance to boilers, chillers and cooling towers. These contracted providers support the water treatment needs of government facilities, offering affordable and safe solutions that compliment facilities maintenance contracts.

Water Treatment Needs for Government Facilities

With moving products in and out of government facilities, maintaining security is a top priority. Traditional chemical water treatment requires large drums of pre-mixed chemical and water contents. However, large drum movement into secure government facilities are cumbersome to clear through security. Offering a more compact solution that gets through security more easily and that is able to support a green / sustainable contractor bid via reduction of water waste is ideal. Using solutions like ultra concentrated liquid chemicals is a way that GSA contractors can submit more competitive bids, while offering safer and more secure solutions for bidding on facility asset maintenance. 

Chemical Water Treatment for Boilers, Cooling Towers, & Chillers

There are multiple chemical options for boilers, cooling tower and chiller treatment. As previously mentioned, historically, chemical was often delivered to a treatment room pre-mixed in large 55 gallon drums. However, this created great risk of chemical exposure to technicians, high logistics costs in transporting full drums, required excessive floor space for storage, and necessitates drum cleaning and careful removal when chemicals need restocking. This is especially so in government facilities with small treatment rooms, and with treatment rooms that are near high traffic areas or walkways, where risk of accidental chemical exposure is heightened.


Today, water treatment is now more safe and efficient thanks to ultra concentrated liquid chemical water treatment options. Similarly to the revolution that the laundry detergent industry faced, ultra concentrated water treatment options allow for smaller containers, less water wasted in pre-mixing, and more efficient use of chemical.


To learn more about LiquiLogic ultra concentrated liquid chemical water treatment products for cooling towers and chiller units, visit the Products page.

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