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Chemical Water Treatment Needs for Bakeries

Chemical Water Treatment for Bakeries


This post will review the basics of chemical water treatment needs for bakeries in regards to boiler and steam line applications. It will also consider how to increase efficiency in boilers by using chemical water treatment. For more information on chemical water treatment in other types of equipment, revisit our Education Center.

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Use of Boiler Units in Bakery Kitchens 


Bakeries use boilers to maintain constant levels of heat and steam during the baking process. Steam boilers allow for the bread to bake and the tops to crust in the desired manner. Commercial boilers equipped with culinary grade steam and heat settings that allow maximum flexibility empower bakers to create masterful artisanal products that are visually appealing and extremely flavorful.

Water Treatment Needs for Boilers 


With commercial steam boiler units, water treatment is necessary to reduce limescale, corrosion accumulation, and impurities that interfere with heat transfer. For many bakeries, whether franchise or independently owned, investment into a well-performing boiler is one of the most impactful decisions made. The performance of a boiler directly impacts how reliably the breads will be baked, batch after batch, year after year. Bakeries seeking to maintain consistent quality, taste, appearance, and moisture for their products need to have a boiler unit that performs consistently and predictably. 


Chemical Water Treatment for Boilers


When the water used in the boiler system and steam line is properly treated to maintain optimal levels of purity, oxygen and PH, the boiler performs with better efficiency. This reduces operating costs and supports the need for consistent baking and steaming in its day to day function. There are multiple chemical options for boilers and steamline treatment. Historically, chemical was often delivered to a treatment room pre-mixed in large 55 gallon drums. However, this created great risk of chemical exposure to technicians, high logistics costs in transporting full drums, required excessive floor space for storage, and necessitates drum cleaning and careful removal when chemicals need restocking.


Today, water treatment is now more safe and efficient thanks to ultra concentrated liquid chemical water treatment options. Similarly to the revolution that the laundry detergent industry faced, ultra concentrated water treatment options allow for smaller containers, less water wasted in pre-mixing, and more efficient use of chemical.


To learn more about LiquiLogic ultra concentrated liquid chemical water treatment products for boiler and steamline applications, visit the Products page.

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