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About Us

The LiquiLogic Approach to Water Treatment

LiquiLogic is an industry leader specializing in "Ultra-Concentrated" liquid chemical water treatment products applied with compact, wall-mounted dispensers.

Ultra-Concentrated liquid chemicals provide a high quality water treatment program in a safer manner that is simpler and smarter.

Easy Logistics

Small Package Shipping

Fast Install

Install With Minimal Tooling

Waterless Setup

No Water Feed Needed


1-4 Gallon Container Sizes

Safe Handling

Zero Chemical Contact


No Drum Disposal

Drums are bulky, taking up valuable space. Ultra Concentrates are compact and can store in a very small footprint.

Our Cooling Water Inhibitor weighs 38lbs and treats the same amount of water as a traditional 55 gallon  approximately 527lbs.


Did You Know?

Some say that optimizing with Ultra-Concentrates is an innovative move. 

We just see it as logical. 

Contact Support

Need answers about product options, formulations, or where to find more information? Use the contact form below, we will be glad to support you!

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