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Our Rebrand!

Did You Know?

With the Simplicity Feed System, we alleviate the burden of shipping, disposing, and recycling large chemical drums putting more money back in your pocket!

Solid State Technologies

is now LiquiLogic LLC!

In 2020, Solid State Technologies rebranded to LiquiLogic LLC! Same trusted team and products, with a look and name that reflects our dedication to smarter water treatment!

LiquiLogic LLC Logo.png

For years, our business has been an industry leader in chemical water treatment. Today, we specialize in "Ultra-Concentrated" liquid chemical water treatment products applied with compact, wall-mounted dispensers.

Ultra-Concentrated liquid chemicals provide a high quality water treatment program that is simpler and smarter.

Our previous brand image was aligned with stability, reliability, and simplicity. Many of our customers also see our Ultra-Concentrated liquid products as being a more logical, efficient, and affordable alternative to standard and solid chemical alternatives


Moving forward, we will continue to provide reliable and smarter treatment solutions with a name and brand that is better aligned with our identity and mission to provide logical solutions with Ultra-Concentrated liquid chemical water treatment.

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