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Boilers & Steamlines

Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Chemical Water Treatment for Boilers & Steamlines

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Private Labelling

Private Labeling is available for all LiquiLogic manufactured Ultra-Concentrates which includes, Production Application Guides, Safety Data Sheets and Product Labels.  All product information pieces are unified to provide our clients with a comprehensive private labeling package.  Private labeling is not available on Federally Registered Biocides.

Common Questions

Do we need to run water lines to the Dispenser? 

No, there are no water lines that need to be run or connected to Simplicity Dispenser(s); because the chemical is an Ultra-Concentrated liquid, it is ready to use from the container. No mixing, dissolving or diluting is required. 

When the Ultra-Concentrate container is empty, how do I dispose of it?

Simply triple rinse the bottle and recycle, or place in the dry garbage. Using Simplicity, there is no need to arrange for expensive drum disposal. 


How do the products ship?

LiquiLogic Ultra-Concentrated liquid chemicals ship typically via UPS Ground, Speedee, Federal Express and/or by Common Carrier.  We will ship your order the most economical way to get it to you or to your customer.


Does this work the same as other liquid chemical water treatment? 


LiquiLogic products are Ultra-Concentrated; we essentially removed the water out of the drum so you are feeding 90-99% active raw materials.  LiquiLogic products represent the latest anti-scalant, anti-fouling, corrosion inhibition ingredients for industrial boiler, cooling, closed loop and steamline applications.  Ultra-Concentrates allow you to treat more by using less!

Contact Support

Need answers about product options, formulations, or where to find more information? Use the contact form below, we will be glad to support you!

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